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Kindergarten in Seltjarnarnes

The interaction between outdoor and indoor areas that stimulate development, perception and provide the child with a safe environment is the main focus of our proposal for a kindergarten.

An important element of activities within a kindergarten is playing and learning outdoors. It is essential to ensure that all kindergarten students have good access to diverse play areas as well as making all the areas of the kindergarten accessible. To address this, we propose a one-story kindergarten building which fits well with the environment and does not overshadow the surrounding area. The building also has an interesting roof that is visible to the upper floors of the adjacent buildings. The north side of the building is facign the street and serves as a formal facade. To the south, the boundaries of the surrounding landscape and buildings are not as clearer, so that the visual experience of the neighbouring areas should be less impacted.

A large building is made more child-friendly and humane by dividing it into units, which all have a separate entrance. The common areas of the kindergarten are in the part of the building which lies with Suðurströnd road that connects all the wings. The main entrance is connected to the common areas and the service entrance is connected to the kitchen.

The proposal is based on a standard implementation of kindergartens that can be adjusted to suit different ages. The kindergarten departments are arranged in four branches with the same basic arrangement that has a built-in flexibility for kindergarten activities.

The kindergarten departmens form pairs that share an entrance, drying facilities and cloakrooms. The departments featur an external connection through the playgrounds aswell as an internal connection, which connects the kindergarten divisions to each other and to common spaces. Corridors are useful as an additional space for kindergartens and support rooms, where access can be restricted or increased between departments. Glass walls in the corridors increase transparency and connection with the external environment.

Infantry departments are located closest to the parking spaces. They have the uniqueness of being away from the hustle and bustle of older children’s playgrounds, but the infants can be taken on expeditions when it is relevant to the activities of the kindergarten.

The kindergarten divisions of older children can be arranged so that the children move up one wing to the east as they grow older. The play areas outside each department pair are adapted to the age group of its corresponding department.

The kindergarten’s buildings are arranged in such a way that they provide shelter and sun for the outdoor areas. A wide range of playgrounds that suit the age and conditions of the children is one of the main objectives of the proposal.

The roof is partially accessible as a play and teaching area. It forms a complete continuum with the area itself. This creates a landscape that increases diversity and poses exercising challenges.

The kindergarten’s main common space is by Suðurströn road, but the departments also have a shared area within each wing. The management office is at the main entrance on Suðurströnd with easy acces parking.

A kitchen with an product reception and garbage storage is located by Suðurströnd, centrally located in the kindergarten and directly connected to the multi-use hall. The multi-purpose hall primarily serves the daily activities and events of the kindergarten.

Year 2019