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Vesturbugt is a new neighborhood between the port and the city located at Vestubugt by the Reykjavik Harbor. The goal is to build a diverse community in Vesturbugt. Service spaces are usually on ground floors and apartments on the upper floors. The layout plan stipulates certain lines for the implementation of the neighborhood. A fun innovation that calls for unconventional designs and solutions is that the houses in the neighborhood delimit diverse flowering urban spaces, streets, swimming, lanes and squares are open to the public. The mix of service space and residential housing in the same building is also not a traditional arrangement in Reykjavik’s districts, outside the city center. It calls for innovative solutions in terms of residents’ residence, traffic space, acoustics and accessibility. A wide range of activities creates a foundation for a vibrant urban community.

Studies have shown that with a dense mixed population, more sustainable neighborhoods / urban areas can be created and thus a better utilization of resources. Vesturbugt is a good example of a neighborhood like this. In it are a number of apartments and spaces for diverse services in one place; a service that is not only suitable for residents in the neighborhood itself, but also far beyond the neighborhood. A wide range of ground floor activities in each area will characterize its appearance for the general public, but the residents have their own entrance and sheltered balcony and can enjoy privacy as well as having good access to good services.

Year 2016-2017
  • Jáverk
  • ASK arkitektar
  • Kanon Arkitektar
  • A2F Arkitektar