Prison on Hólmsheiði

Ground floor
Elevation / section
Prison cell

Prison on Hólmsheiði, competition proposal

3rd prize in an open competition.

The proposed prison on Holmsheidi reflects the philosophy that imprisonment of individuals should include the opportunity for rehabilitation. The objective is to create conditions that are good for both staff and prisoners. Good day lighting, sound absorption, beautifully shaped spaces, interesting interior corridors associated with beautiful gardens are the underlying components of the proposal. Emphasis is placed on flexibility and separation, with good overviews for staff and limited oversight for prisoners.

The prison wards are branches with four or eight cell each with their own living room and kitchen. The prison wards are connected to the ‘trunk’ or the main building where workshops, interior yards and recreation rooms are located as well as service and staff facilities. All the cells turn west and have private yards. 

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2010-2014 Award