ISO 9001 Quality Systems

Teiknistofan Tröð has documented and implemented a quality management system, maintaining and working on continuous improvements of it, according to the ISO 9001 standard. 

The company has done the following to implement a quality management system: 

  • Located and defined the processes that are needed for the quality management system and its application.
  • Determined the order and interaction of processes.
  • Determined standards and methods that are needed to insure that the management of processes is active.
  • Ensured that the necessary resources and information is accessible to support the management of processes.
  • Implemented practices where the processes are monitored, measured and analyzed. Operations introduced that are necessary to obtain intended results and constant reforms of these processes.

On the 15th of February in 2010 Teiknistofan Tröð received a certification from 'Vottun hf.' that the quality management system met the requirements of the ÍST EN ISO 9001 standard. The certification applies to design and advice on architecture and planning. 




Link to the certification document (PDF 550kb)

Current document (PDF 198kb)